Ways to Wear Gold and Silver in Clothes

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One of the most popular trends of the season is adding gold and silver elements in outfits to make them look really glam and chic on the runways as well as in everyday wear. The metallic trend is very much in fashion this year and stylish people all over the world are adding gold and silver details in a variety of ways to their outfits. The following are some of the ways in which gold and silver can be worn in everyday wear as well as for formal dresses without making it look gaudy and over the top: Ways to Wear Gold and Silver in Clothes: • Gold and Silver are bold colors to wear in your ensembles. Probably the boldest way of wearing these colors is to wear a dress, particularly a mini dress that is made of complete gold or silver fabrics. • A great way to wear gold in clothes is to match it with a dark shade like black. For example a gold blouse with a back skirt or vice versa looks really chic and stylish. Similarly gold top with black pants or vice versa also look really casual yet stylish. • Nowadays gold is often paired with white to get a royal elegant look to an outfit. Golden details in white wedding dresses are really popular and look super elegant and attractive. • Gold is a popular color this spring for jackets and belts. It makes the ensemble pop and looks really rich and trendy with casual shirts, pants, dresses and skirts. • This year during the awards season in Hollywood many celebrities also wore gorgeous silver and golden dresses that became instant style statements among fashion conscious women all over the world. • Silver is a major fashion trend this season. Wearing metallic pants, fabulous silver gowns and silver mini dresses is very popular among celebrities as well as fashion forward women. • Silver waist belts on dresses for both short casual dresses and long elegant formal dresses make them look ultra glamorous and chic. • Silver beading and lace detail is often seen on dresses at formal events and weddings. White bridal wedding dresses get a touch of glamour when there are silver details on the dress especially on the neckline and the waist of the dress. Gold and silver colors in clothing are here to stay as they look super stylish and trendy for all occasions this fashion season.

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