Wear your Skin Right

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I can write on clothes and styling like forever, this is a great ever changing topic and is new every day. But going through the latest buzz (that’s my job) nothing hit me more than the high speed summer racing towards us and some of your sunscreens may still not be out! Nothing can beat a flawless skin and nothing is more fashionable than good skin hygiene in summers. It’s evident that we all aspire to get the “natural” element in our everyday fashion and I like women who hide their vanity bags often. Let me tell you having the best skin is the biggest envy and this section has some great tips am writing about today. You may wear the best of clothes and hefty full of makeup but an unhealthy skin and body will obstruct the entire glow on your face. Summer calls for regular hygiene, sun protection and hydration. It’s a good habit to drink liquids often; I prefer only “water” as the best source, there isn’t any substitute for it. Good hydration leads to cleansing away the internal toxins and external dirt over your skin. Even a makeup artist would like to work on a clear, blemish free and healthy looking skin. The principle rules of drinking water, fruits, lots of sleep and regular exercise are a must follow. Let me add my little trick here. To always carry the fresh cool look try carrying hues belonging to “cool, bright & pastel” category. This lifts up the attire and accessories you’re wearing; it blends with the season and makes you look brighter. Try donning orange, pink, peach, white, green, lemon yellow, beige, sky blue, and alike. A big NO to fire red, black, deep brown, grey, dark pinks & purples, they endure “heat”. The job is made easy when all the cool colors are available in market easily. For the makeup zone, your best mate is sunscreen! Sun protection is on my priority list always, than may be some tinted base for face and neck. Less is more in lip colors, kajals and blushes. I rather would avoid liquid foundations, rosy cheeks and thick kajals. Go water proof and use powder or gel bases for your cosmetics, it feels and looks light. No velvet, corduroy or silk, you should embrace a lot of cotton, nylon or linen in your wardrobe. I firmly can vouch for cotton as the best fabric for hot humid weather. It’s cool, comfortable and economical. Ladies, no latest styling or any fashion magic will boost your blood circulation but good exercise and positive well being will uplift your entire persona. This is important as the season ahead is not dry and dull like winter; its blooming and so should you. This is basic and cannot be avoided and I am sure I’ll be coming up with a lot more this summer as the time to wrap in and cover is over!

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