Wedding Decorations – Do’s and Don’ts

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To plan a wedding is a dream that most couples enjoy doing. The engaged couples have specific ideas and dreams for their big day and the women especially love to plan the wedding to the last miniscule detail. An important part of weddings is the wedding decorations. The decorative flowers, the furniture and all different forms of the decorative accessories are included to make the wedding venue look absolutely spectacular. Too simple is not the way to go for an important event like a wedding and over the top decorations can make it look extremely garish and not at all beautiful. The following are some of the dos and don’ts that one should keep in mind while deciding on different types of wedding decorations: Wedding Decorations- The Do’s and Don’ts •    The most important aspect of wedding decorations is knowing the theme of the wedding. Without a theme just selecting random decorations will make the wedding scene look haphazard and chaotic. •    Less is sometimes more. It is not to say that the wedding venue should look bare but it should not look over the top either. Select flowers that are delicate and look classic and elegant at a wedding. Choose two or three colors for the flowers and only stick to those colors. Too many colors can spoil the overall wedding décor look. •    Some of the important aspects of wedding decorations include centerpieces, flowers, chairs, tables, cutlery, lights and wedding favors. The couple has to plan these in detail and ignoring even one of the above mentioned aspects can create chaos at the last minute. •    An important aspect of wedding decorations is that every element of the decoration must be in harmony with the other elements. For example, mixing two themes can create problems if not done well. Meaning if the entire wedding is to be classic and elegant, adding a bold element to the décor that is completely out of place will not be good idea. •    While deciding on the type of lights that are going to be put up at the wedding venue, some aspects need to be considered. The lights should complement the overall theme. Also make sure the type of wedding venue and the lighting that will beat the wedding. Very dim lights can ruin the scene and extra bright lights can also be a problem at the wedding. Wedding décor is an essential aspect of weddings and the above are some dos and don’ts of wedding decorations at weddings in general.

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