Wedding Dresses for a Spring Wedding 2014

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Wedding DressesA bride on her wedding day wants to look beautiful, elegant and stylish. Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. Every new fashion season, trends and styles in wedding dresses keep changing and if the bride wants to look stylish then it is important that the wedding dress matches the styles and fashions of the season. This spring 2014 also there are some beautiful elegant styles in wedding dresses that are seen both on runways and also in stylish weddings all over the world. The following are some trends in wedding dresses that are really very popular in spring 2014: Fashions in Wedding Dresses – Spring 2014 • One of the most popular trends in wedding fashions this season is lace. It has been very popular on bridal runway shows and also many brides have been seen wearing this elegant fashion detail in their wedding dresses. • Brides are either going for complete lace dress or just lace details on the sleeves, on the back or on the neckline. Lace adds a feminine touch to the bridal dress and has become very popular with women all over the world. • Spring 2014 is also seeing the fashion of short wedding dresses come back in fashion. There are different types of short wedding dresses that are very trendy this season. Beautiful cocktail white dresses, knee length lacy dresses, glamorous 1920’s inspired knee length dresses with beads and feathers are some of the popular types of short wedding dresses this season. • Full skirts are very popular in traditional long wedding dresses this season. Princess neckline is popular this season and also are strapless elegant wedding dresses. Mostly pure white is in fashion this season when it comes to the color of the wedding dress. • Another popular trend is to wear delicate hair ornaments or floral headpieces with the wedding dresses that look feminine and chic. • If the bride wants to add color in the wedding dress then grey, pink and gold are popular colors this season that add a stylish element to the wedding dress. A colored satin lace on the waist adds a beautiful touch to the wedding dress. While selecting a wedding dress this spring it is important that the brides keep in mind two aspects – the current fashions that look chic and the type of dress that suits the bride and also the theme of the wedding.

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