Welcome the Cold Weather in Style

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Sweater Weather is here so women can look fashionable and be warm, cozy and comfortable at the same time. This time of the year is also very chic and stylish in fashion. Every year, once the cold weather starts, it is time to look smart and “hot” in cold weather clothing. The cold weather seasons are a time for layers and boots and fabulous knitted wear. If you know your fashion right, this season can be super stylish and very fashionable. From the runway to casual wear there are many latest trends that have taken spotlight this cold weather season. The following are some of the tips to welcome the cold weather season in style:Cold Weather Style Cold Weather Fashions •    Grey is probably the color of the season this year. Different shades ranging from a really dark grey to a lighter shade of grey are all popular this season. Wearing different shades together is also a trend followed by many this season. •    Knits and woolens naturally come into fashion this season as they are the perfect fabric for clothing in the warm weather. Oversized knits are very popular this season. Oversized coats and sweaters are particularly fashionable in the cold weather season. They go very well with fitted jeans and boots. •    One of the major fashions of 2014 is capes. Winter capes are perfect for the season as they look super stylish and are appropriate for the season. •    Besides grey, colors like white, black, brown, blue, dark red, maroon and dark olive are some of the other colors of choice for this season. Wearing these colors are stylish, however adding an item of clothing in a bright color to the ensemble is also trendy. •    When it comes to sweaters, the above mentioned colors are popular. Also color blocking is another fashion that is popular with cold weather clothing. With sweaters, cables are super chic this season. •    Another popular cold weather fashion is plaid. Oversized plaid shirts like those from the 1990’s are really trendy this season. Stylish plaid coats are also in style this season. Plaid with a black background is particularly popular and red and black are the perfect plaid combination of the season. •    Oversized scarves are also popular in the colors mentioned above that are trendy this season. Cold weather fashions are always elegant and stylish at the same time. The look is super chic this season, as winter and the cold weather allow fashion to become super “cool” during the cold months.

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