Women accessories you can’t do without this summer

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Women Accessories are the perfect style statements that are worn by any women.

Be it a ring, bracelet or a pair of earrings just remember that nothing goes unnoticed. Summer is the style season every year and is filled with fashionistas everywhere. Make it a point to have a good number of women accessories to work it out this summer and enjoy the season in fashion.Women’s Accessories
Here are a few women accessories without which the women won’t be able to enjoy this summer season.

1. Chokers are super hot- This summer what every fashionista is looking forward to is to own up choker. This long and extremely funky neck piece can change the whole look of your outfit. If you are wearing something simple then team it up with a choker to give a glamorous and funky look to your outfit to keep it cool all the way.

2. One earring cuffs – This is a quite bold and daring choice to look forward to. This is very new and trending for this spring season. A big, as in really big or long, ear piece is trending the whole fashion industry. Team it up with a nice short dress or even a gown which would look nice with your funky or elegant ear piece. But remember it is worn on just ear.

3. Floral jewellery- Sooner or later the flora and fauna inspired jewellery has become quite trending in the industry and even with the girls. The subtle and beautiful floral jewellery pieces are breath-taking. Be it a tiara, a neck piece, bracelets or arm bands, it is stealing the show everywhere. This jewellery is very much famous in weddings for the brides.

4. Anklets- Anklets are the western version of payals or pajebs which are worn very normally in India by the ladies. The main difference is that they are westernized and are very light and simple and small and look amazing with shorts and short dresses.

5. A statement ring– I personally love to wear rings. A simple yet elegant ring piece or a big funky ring can do the trick for you. Wear an elegant one with any ethnic wear and a funky one if you want a cool look.

Accessories are a girl’s best friend because you will always see one or two on a girl’s body. Choose the best ones to make a good style statement.

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